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ID + EMS Dhá I gceann
ID + EMS Dhá I gceann

ID + EMS Dhá I gceann


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Jisu ID:A state-of-the-art, radio frequency energy-based therapy with real-time temperature control.Jisu ID Fat Dissolving Machine is a non-invasive, comfortable mono-polar radio frequency (RF) device that offers unique handle placement versatility to treat the entire abdomen or multiple body areas simultaneously. It is fast, reliable, comfortable and clinically proven to permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells in areas such as abdomen, flanks, arms, bra straps, legs, double chin and knees.In addition to reducing fat, RF energy can also promote collagen regeneration, improve skin sagging and wrinkles, improve the overall contour of the face and jaw line, and make the face and body skin firm and smooth, reducing fat, shaping and firming.The Jisu ID function is equipped with 10 unique radio frequency device treatment handles, and different handles are applied to different parts.No consumables, no pain, no downtime, return to normal activities and exercise immediately. The most special 6 flat fixed treatment handles and 2 handles flat fixed treatment handles break through the traditional radio frequency mobile operation, bringing a safe, efficient, fast and most comfortable experience, and can be easily used without an operator.

Body Sculpting EMS:Which is a new generation of non-invasive muscle-building, fat-reducing, and shaping equipment. It uses (EMS) electrical pulses to stimulate the continuous expansion and contraction of target muscle groups, thereby increasing muscle mass and endurance. and strength.It can be used to firm and strengthen abdominal muscles, arms, legs and buttocks.The Body Sculpting EMS can treat up to eight separate areas at the same time. The 16 handles are placed on multiple body areas or multiple muscle groups depending on your individual needs and goals. In the traditional way of exercise, muscle contraction and action are done by the brain sending signals to the nervous system and motor neurons to control the muscles.Body Sculpting EMS simulates the brain signals of the human body, and transmits motion signals directly to specific muscle groups through the handle, so that it induces rhythmic muscle contractions, and provides a more complete exercise with extremely high precision to strengthen and tighten. to muscles.Unlike other devices, both the front and back of the body can be treated simultaneously, and Body Sculpting EMS can also stimulate multiple muscles in a single treatment and provide more efficient and specific energy delivery to the targeted muscles. It is three times stronger than other muscle stimulation devices on the market, and is more comfortable for clients with superior results, as well as greatly improving the safety of the treatment. Safe and effective solution for men and women seeking to improve the shape, size and firmness of their abdomen or buttocks.

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1. Jisu ID Working principle

Jisu ID Fat Dissolving Machine uses mono polar radio frequency (RF) deep heating as its core technology, using controlled mono polar radio frequency (RF) technology to provide targeted heating to large and small areas without damaging the skin.The fat and dermis are heated through radio frequency devices of different shapes, which continuously generates heat and burns fat cells, making them inactive and apoptotic. After several weeks to several months of treatment, the apoptotic fat cells will pass through the body. Gradually metabolically excreted, the remaining fat cells are rearranged and compressed, and the fat layer is gradually thinned, reducing the fat by an average of 24-27%. At the same time, the heat can stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the dermis, the elastic fibers naturally produce immediate contraction and tightening, and repair the connective tissue, so as to achieve the effect of dissolving fat and sculpting the body, tightening the cheeks and eliminating the double chin.

2.Body Sculpting EMS Working principle

The principle of Body Sculpting EMS is to release high-intensity electrical pulse energy through the electrode handle to directly transmit the deep muscles, stimulate the target muscle motor neurons, make the muscles contract continuously and rapidly, increase muscle tension, mass and strength;Body Sculpting EMS electrical pulse technology allows the human body to produce passive movement, so to achieve the purpose of muscle growth and fat reduction ,loss weight and shaping.


1. The RF and EMS functions can be switched by one key, and both functions can be used at the same time.

2. Non-invasive,non-invasive and painless, no anesthesia, no side effects, no recovery period, you can do whatever you want without affecting your normal work and life.

3. The system features an intuitive interface and a range of handles to customize treatment, whether for multiple hands-free areas or a single handle area for treatment.

4. Intelligent temperature control system, the radio frequency energy delivery is dynamically adjusted based on the continuous monitoring of the skin temperature, and the intelligent temperature control is within the set comfortable temperature, which can safely and effectively avoid tissue damage.

5. Real-time temperature detection system, real-time display of skin temperature during treatment, more intimate and more assured.

6. Flexibility EMS handle,The 16 handles provide multiple different body parts options to customize treatment for multiple muscle groups.Treating up to eight areas simultaneously at a time improves body coverage and provides more efficient and comprehensive muscle activation.

7. Time-saving and efficient,1 session of 45 minutes = 54000 muscle contraction exercises; versus 54000 crunches/squats.

8. EMS Equipped with a special gel pack to fix the handle to stabilize energy transmission and improve safety and effectiveness.

Ainm TáirgeJisu ID + EMS Two in one                                        (Jisu ID + Body Sculpting EMS)
teicneolaíochtMono-polar radio frequency(RF)+EMS
TaispeáinScáileán tadhaill 10.4-orlach
Voltage IonchurAC110V / 220V
Air Box Size47 × 41 × 69cm
Meáchan ComhlánMaidir 33kg

详情 8

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