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Tógáil Muscle + Dóigh Saill
Tógáil Muscle + Dóigh Saill
Tógáil Muscle + Dóigh Saill

Tógáil Muscle + Dóigh Saill



RF Laghdú saille -30%

Synchrode RF technology can release RF at the same time as the high-frequency contraction signal, which heats the fat layer to 45 degrees, directly destroys the fat cell tissue, and makes it die naturally, while maintaining a comfortable temperature during the treatment. The destroyed fat cells will be excreted through the body, reducing the thickness of the fat layer and shaping the Fit & Firm line.

Built muscle - 25%

With the new  high-frequency contraction design, it penetrates into the muscle tissue and directly triggers motor neurons, which can cause the muscles to produce higher-frequency contractions within 30 minutes, and the effect of increasing muscle can be seen quickly. Beyond general exercise, 4 sessions are equivalent to 12-16 weeks of training. Together with Synchrode RFTM, it releases heat, improves blood circulation in the body, and stimulates muscle growth.

course of treatment:

The duration of one operation is 30 minutes for one part, and the maximum is no more than 60 minutes; 3 times a week, two weeks is a course of treatment. The best effect is 2-4 weeks after treatment. According to the course of treatment (4-6 courses), the treatment can last for 6 months.


ídiú cumhachta2. 3KVA
méid an scáileáin15.6 orlach
Déine aschuir0-7Tesa
RF minicíocht5M
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